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Darren Everest

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Darren Everest

We recently ask Darren Everest a few personal questions.

Read here, who his favourite singer is and why he loves being a part of The Overtones.

Nickname: Daz
Favourite Singer/Band: Me. The Overtones.
Favourite Movie/TV Series: Love the Rocky films. Been getting into Peaky Blinders recently.
Favourite pastime? Memories of family holidays on our boat and swimming in the ocean in Spain.
Biggest pet peeve: /
Which instruments do you play? triangle
When did you start singing /fall in love with music? I’d say when I was around 15 years old
I love being part of The Overtones because…..I get to have a laugh with my mates and travel.
What is your favourite memory with the Band? Dancing on ice is definitely up there. Along with performing at the London Palladium.
What is your most embarrassing stage experience story? I forgot some lyrics to a verse I was singing once on tour. After the song I confessed and did it again acapella.
Which Overtones album is your favourite? Ooh tough one. The 1st one was special obviously but I’d say Sweet Soul Music.
How important is it for you to interact with your fans and what does it mean to you?
It’s very important as we have such loyal fans. It’s nice to let them know we appreciate them and wouldn’t be here without them.

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Daz on CapitalXTRA Daz on CapitalXTRA Daz on CapitalXTRA

Darren Everest was a guest on DJ Woody’s Capital Xtra show on August 23rd, 2015.

Daz took over “Woody’s Big Break” for about 15 minutes after a brief introduction by his friend DJ Woody to share some songs of his favourite playlist with everyone.

Here is a little peek into his playlist:

How Deep is Your Love for Me by Dru Hill

Peaches and Cream by 112

Tuxedo by Mic Lowry

DJ Woody interviewed him right after the short Takeover and Darren announced that he set up his own Music Management Company recently.

“Darren Everest Management” is aiming to support young music talents between the age of 16 – 28 years in the UK.

He also announced that The Overtones are in talks about their 5th album and brand new tour!!

We captured parts of Darrens Takeover plus his interview and uploaded it to Soundcloud.

Follow Daz’ company on twitter @music_talent1 and retweet his tweets to help spead the word. Thank you!

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Daz on CapitalXTRA Daz on CapitalXTRA Daz on CapitalXTRA

Am 23.08.2015 war Darren Everest zu Gast bei DJ Woody im britischen Radiosender Capital Xtra.

Nachdem er kurz von seinem Freund DJ Woody vorgestellt wurde, übernahm Daz die “Woody’s Big Break” Sendung für ca. 15 Minuten um seine aktuelle Lieblingsplaylist mit den Hörern zu teilen.

Hier ein kleiner Einblick in seine Playlist:

How Deep is Your Love for Me by Dru Hill

Peaches and Cream by 112

Tuxedo by Mic Lowry

Im Anschluss seines Takeovers gab Darren ein kurzes Interview, in dem er verkündete seine eigene Firma gegründet zu haben.

Das “Darren Everest Management” will junge Musiktalente im Alter von 16 bis 28 Jahren in der UK fördern.

Außerdem sprach er darüber, dass The Overtones zur Zeit in Gesprächen zum 5ten Album und auch schon zur nächsten Tour stehen!!

Wir haben Teile seines Takeovers und das Interview für euch festgehalten und bei Soundcloud veröffentlicht.

Ihr könnt Daz unterstützen, indem ihr seiner Firma bei Twitter folgt @music_talent1 und seine Tweets retweeted um ein wenig bei der Promo zu helfen. Vielen Dank!

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