Ask The Overtones!

The Overtones

Is there anything you always wanted to know about The Overtones?

Here’s your chance!

Send us your question by email to, subject “My question” or comment below this post (deadline, 22nd of August 2015).

We will pick 10 questions and pass them on to the boys!

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7 Responses

  1. Janet Johnson sagt:

    Hello lads. Love you all. The concerts were fabulous and I can’t wait for the next tour. My question is – are you going to released a DVD of the Cardiff concert? It would be a best seller and a great memory for me since I was in the front row.

  2. alison sagt:

    Hi guys I would like to know what is your favourite meal to eat or cook with friends?

  3. Danielle Davies sagt:

    Hey guys! Love you all!! Seen you in concert loads of times and I’ve always wondered…. When your on stage, what has been the wierdest or the best thing that’s been thrown on stage at you? Xx

  4. heather sagt:

    hi the overtones are you doing the uptown funk on dvd

  5. Kim Trinh sagt:

    Heya boys! What’s been your favourite FAN experience? I know you lads have a lot of encounters with wonderful people and it would be great to hear what your fav fan memory was! Also thanks for watching my fan video for you boys (the one titled “Happiness”), means the world to me that you guys watched it :) x

  6. Christina sagt:

    Love you all, my question is for lachie, have you had any acting offers yet whilst being with the overtones or are you still waiting x

  7. Margaret bargewell sagt:

    Hi guys would love to know if you are releasing a new album and touring next year x