Interview mit Si Cranstoun (Support für die UK Tour)

Interview mit Si Cranstoun

Im Februar/März 2014 waren The Overtones auf großer UK/Irland Tour unterwegs und hatten mit Si Cranstoun einen fantastischen Tour-Support dabei.

Er sorgte vor Beginn der The Overtones #SNATM Konzerte für tolle Stimmung im Saal und seine Songs animierten zum Tanzen und Mitsingen.

Wir waren von Anfang an von seiner Stimme und seinem gesamten Auftritt begeistert und wollten es uns nicht nehmen lassen euch Si Cranstoun einmal ein wenig näher vorzustellen.

Also haben wir die Gelegenheit genutzt und haben Si einige Fragen gestellt, die er gerne und ausführlich beantwortet hat .

Dieses Interview möchten wir nun gerne mit euch teilen:

Tell us something about your roots. You have been in a band with your brother, The Dualers, which was a lot more Reggae and Ska than the kind of music you are doing now. How would you describe your music style, and which artists influence you the most?

My parents are of mixed decent – my mother is French/African and my father Irish/English, so there really were all kinds of music being played in the house when I was growing up.  My father was a promoter during the 60’s of Jamaican Ska, so that became the most dominant sound but there was also huge enthusiasm from my father for American Swing, Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues.  So, as a child I just waded into their record collection and was just free to play whatever I wanted.  They had albums by Sam Cooke, Louie Jordan, The Drifters, The Temptations – so these artists, as well as those from vintage Ska, were my roots!

You are touring the UK with The Overtones for about a month now. Normally, you play your own shows at Rockabilly weekenders, such as Viva Las Vegas or various weekenders here in the UK. How was the crowd at the Overtones tour, compared to the crowd you are normally used to?

Incredibly warm and supportive – The Overtones have a really great crowd as a fan base and it was a pleasure to play for them.

Have you supported another band for a tour before, or is this your first time?

It’s my first time.

Your band is normally an essential part of your show. Did you miss them during this tour, as it was really just you being on stage this time?

Yes!  I really missed them – but I got used to it and became more and more confident with each show.

You are doing a lot of street performances (evidence on Youtube) – which do you prefer, a show where people pay to get in (and normally know what to expect) or playing on the street and getting the feedback directly – positive or negative – from a new crowd?

The street is very different, there’s nothing to lose, the air is fresh and I enjoy dancing on the pavement. :) On the other hand, the stage shows with the band can be electric and filled with fun, if we get a great crowd who are really into it.

You have been to Germany quite a few times already – tell us something about your experience. Is there any difference between the British and the German Rockabilly crowd, and if so – what is it?

The German fans go crazy! :) Right from the start of the show – which is fantastic!! Here, because I do more shows and people are more familiar, it takes a little longer – but it still a thrill. :)

You have not just covered some amazing songs from Superstars like Jackie Wilson (Reet Petite) or Sam Cooke (Twistin the Night Away), but also performed with the actual son of Jackie Wilson on stage (Bobby Brooks Wilson). As we know you are a huge fan of Jackie Wilson´s music – how was that for you, and do you also get starstruck when something like that actually happens?

Bobby Brooks Wilson just came straight out into my show and we did a duet a few years ago – of course I was star struck!  It was such an honour!

Rumour has it that there may be plans for a project with The Overtones after the tour. Is this true, can you already talk about it and can you give us some details, please?

I can’t really say much on this – but, if or when that day comes, I will let you know!!! :)

We know you will be playing at the “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” in Dortmund this year again – are there any more plans for Germany, maybe even a small tour?

I would love to do a proper tour of Germany and I hope that day comes very soon!

Any message for the fans in Germany?

I can’t wait to come over and have a crazy time with you all! :)

Vielen Dank an Barry Driscoll, der uns dieses Interview mit Si Cranstoun ermöglicht hat.

Si Cranstoun steht seit kurzem auch bei Warner Music unter Vertrag und seine neue CD erscheint voraussichtlich im Herbst 2014.

Wenn ihr neugierig geworden seid, könnt ihr hier mal in den Song “Dynamo” aus dem Jahre 2010 reinhören:

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