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Mark Franks

We were given the opportunity to ask Mark Franks some personal questions as part of our 4 year anniversary celebration, read below what he had to say.

Name: Mark Robert Franks

Nickname: not got one. Any suggestions? 

Favourite Singer/Band: Kylie

Favourite Movie/TV Series: Back To The Future

Favourite  pastime: Remixing/producing

Biggest pet peeve: loud eaters

Which instruments do you play: piano 

When did you start singing /fall in love with music? When I started dancing at the age of 4. 

I love being part of The Overtones because…..

I get to wear some proper snazzy suits?

What is your favourite memory with the Band?

Has to be the Queens Jubilee. Not everyday u get to have a knees up at The Queens gaff!!

What is your most embarrassing stage experience story?

Glasgow… Higher Tour… (That’s all I’m saying!)

Which Overtones album is your favourite?

Proud of them all but gotta love a bit of Saturday Night At The Movies. 

How important is it for you to interact with your fans and what does it mean to you?

The Toners mean the world to us. Without u there would be no Overtones… So THANK YOU! X

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The Overtones

We had the chance to ask The Overtones boys some questions as part of our 4 year website anniversary celebration.

They were more than happy to tell us about their upcoming guest appearances at the Thats’s Entertainment Show, album no 6th and lots more.

1. What can the audience of the That’s Entertainment Show expect from your guest appearance?

(TIMMY) We are going to give audiences an extravaganza of old classic numbers from the 40s and 50s and up through to the 60s. It’s a celebration of this golden era and guess what ???? Your all invited

2. Will being part of a Variety Show over a long period of time and also taking part of an Overseas cruise this summer, leave you with enough time to write and record new material for your 6th album?

(LACHIE) Hahahaha! I like the way you’ve worded that to find out about the 6th album (I’m on to you!!). It’s going to be a busy summer and we have some really great fun gigs coming up but there is also good amounts of time to be able to record and curate another album as well as write our originals. We’re in discussions about this at the moment, obviously we can’t (sadly) give you an exclusive on this, but we will, naturally, let you know as soon as we know ourselves.

3. Is there a special song you would like to cover on your next album? If so, does this song have a special meaning to you?

(LACHIE) there are lots of songs we would live to cover. After 5 albums, we have sung so many of the classics that are near and dear to our fans hearts, but there are certain songs up our sleeves that we have been looking forward to recording for some years, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to get them down in the studio.

4. Any chance for more acapella performances, since that was a big hit during the Sweet Soul Music tour?

(LACHIE) Short answer, yes. Longs answer, yes.

5. Where would you like to see yourself within the next 5 years as an artist? What are your long-term career plans? Do you have any plans to do anything besides performing with The Overtones? Acting, modelling, choreography etc.

(TIMMY) life has been pretty good to us boys so far so we will go with the wind and enjoy whatever comes next as a group and as individuals .

6. Thinking back to the very beginning of the band, how do you feel about your performance today and is it much different for you now than when you first started performing?

(LACHIE) that’s a good question, I’ve been thinking about that lately myself. I remember at the start of our career and during album one how there was an added pressure to everything we did because we were trying so hard to prove ourselves and there is a stress that comes with that. 5 albums, 6 or so tours and 1000000 album sales later there is a really nice feeling of relaxation around the work we have done, which for me personally, means we can go on stage and enjoy ourselves, our music, our relationship and connection with fans and have as a good a time as everyone in the audience. It’s a really good feeling.

(MIKE) Great question. When we were first signed to Warner Brothers there was certainly a pressure, albeit welcome pressure, to perform to an extremely high standard. After all for us it was our dream but for WB it was a business. Now, of course, there’s still pressure to sell albums and tickets but there’s also a comfort in standing on stage and making people happy. For me I feel at ease on stage or in front of a camera. I feel like over the years we’ve honed our skills to what we’ve seen our fans respond positively to. There’s a great contentment that comes with that.

7. What is your worst distraction while on stage, and what is your favourite thing to see in the audience?

(MIKE) My worst distraction on stage is Darren! He’s always trying to make me laugh and he loves to poke me of we pass each other. It’s very funny and it’s good to see the fans and audience enjoying the banter too!

(LACHIE) if I pull a face or sing a dud-lyric, I tend to get the giggles, and then obviously I see someone in the first three rows who is just as aware as I am that I have f***ed up something, and then they get the giggles, then I get the giggles that they get the giggles and then it’s game over for that song really.
Truly one of my favourite sights is looking out into the audience about two-thirds the way through a great show and seeing the whole crowd be as one. It’s an unidentifiable quality and it’s magical when it happens. There is no better feeling that coming off stage at the end of one of these shows knowing that the show was unique, individual and performed 100%.

8. Are there concrete plans to perform in cities outside the UK in the near future?

(MIKE) Plans are always fluid and changing. We absolutely love to travel and perform in different countries so fingers crossed we’ll be travelling again soon.

We thank The Overtones and their management for making this interview possible.

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ATTENTION! Edit 01.04.16 – 10.30pm: We will have to restart our giveaway due to technical difficulties. Please re-enter to qualify for a prize! Visit our Spotify profile if you need help answering the first question!

4 year anniversary giveaway
Today marks our 4 year website anniversary, which we want to celebrate with you. We are giving away three individual The Overtones suprise packages to three lucky winners.

All you need to do to enter the giveaway is to answer the question in our giveaway widget correctly. Afterwards you can collect more entries using social networks and increase your chance of winning in the process.

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4 Year Anniversary Giveaway
Thank you to The Overtones and their management for providing the goodies for our giveaway!

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profilepic-theovertonesgerDear ‪#‎Toners‬,
we will celebrate our 4 year website anniversary soon and would love for you to take part of it.
Tell us your story about how and when you heard of The Overtones for the very first time and what their music means to you and you might be one of the lucky fans that will receive a little surprise from us.

Send an email to and write “My The Overtones Story” in the subject box.

P.S. :
Please let us know if you give your permission to publish parts of your story on our website and other social networks.
Deadline for your entry is April 7th, 2016.

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That's Entertainment!
courtesy of

Exciting New Song and Dance Show – That’s Entertainment! Premieres in Dublin

That’s Entertainment to premiere in Dublin at The Gaiety Theatre from 4-9th April 2016 guest starring Jane McDonald and The Overtones.

Press Release poster Entertainment Show Dublin
From The Producers Of The Smash-Hit Production Of Puttin’ On The Ritz Comes The Dazzling Song And Dance Extravaganza That’s Entertainment! Starring The Highly Popular And Hugely Successful Singer, Entertainer And Presenter, Jane McDonald And Britain’s Favourite Vocal Harmony Group, The Overtones.

That’s Entertainment Celebrates The Biggest Hits Of The 40’s And 50’s Including Mu-sic By Lerner And Loewe, Rodgers And Hammerstein, As Well As Irving Berlin, Cole Porter. There Are Also Special Tributes To The Music Of Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland And Glen Miller From Some Of The All-Time Favourite Films Such As High Society, Singin’ In The Rain, Some Like It Hot, South Pacific And Many More, Paying Homage To The Greatest Composers And Lyricists Of Our Time.

With Glorious Costumes, Sumptuous Music, Stunning Dance Routines And An Award-Winning Cast Of Singers And Dancers, This  Is Guaranteed To Wow The Audience And  Keep Their Toes-Tapping! That’s Entertainment! Is “Feel-Good” Entertainment At It’s Best For All The Family.

Jane McDonald And The Overtones will perform in That’s Entertainment! at the Opening Week in Dublin.

The Overtones will also join the cast of That’s Entertainment in the following cities: Manchester, Dartford, Liverpool, Newcastle, Brighton, Southend and Norwich.

4-9 April 2016 – Dublin – Gaiety – book tickets here!
10-14 May – Manchester – Opera House – book tickets here!
24-28 May – Dartford – Orchard – book tickets here!
14-18 June – Liverpool – Empire – book tickets here!
5-9 July – Newcastle – Theatre Royal – book tickets here!
2-6 August – Brighton – Theatre Royal – book tickets here!
24-28 August – Southend – Cliffs Pavilion – book tickets here!
5-10 September – Norwich – Theatre Royal – book tickets here!

Reference: Blog; Musical Theatre News

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