Exclusive Q&A with The Overtones!

The Overtones

We asked you to send in questions for The Overtones back in August. The boys were very busy in the studio and with promo for their new album “Good Ol’ Fashioned Christmas”, but we finally received their answers!

Enjoy! Lachie is even sharing a little secret with you all!

01. With Darren recently announcing his new business, we are wondering if any other members of The Overtones were planning to establish a business as well. – The Overtones Germany

Timmy: No

02. What is your favourite meal to eat or cook with friends? – Alison

Mike: Ok so I’m really not a good cook. I do try but have ruined many a dish. I do cook a good macaroni cheese, though the boys will disagree.

Lachie: Hi Alison, my favourite meat is lamb so I would probably make a really slow cooked lamb-shoulder stew. I really like cooking stews for 6+ hours, it’s always a lovely surprise when you get to finally taste it (partially because it’s been cooking for so long I actually forget I’ve been cooking it at all…)

03. Is there an embarrassing nickname your parents or any other family member gave you when you were little? – Sabrina O.

Lachie: Hello Sabrina, I get Lach and Lachs as standard but my grandma used to call me (no way of spelling it so I’ll do it phonetically) Lockadapockadawockada.

04. Lachie, have you had any acting offers yet whilst being with The Overtones or are you still waiting? – Christina

Lachie: I have, actually. I’ve been doing some filming for a series which is coming out on a major network here in the UK early next year. I’ll let you know very soon and hope you guys enjoy it.

05. How many suits and pairs of shoes are currently in each one of your wardrobes? – Familie Graf

Mike: I literally own about three pairs of shoes but I have about 10 suits!

Lachie: Guten Tag, Familie Graf, I have too many suits now. I like to keep them because I think ‘I may need that one day’, but the reality is, I don’t need them and they are just taking up space. I think I will take a couple of suitcases to a charity shop and have a bit of a life-clean out.

06. If you had to choose “The Soundtrack of your Life”, what song would perfectly fit and why? – Sabrina O.

Lachie: I love the Louis Armstrong song ‘We Have All The Time In The World’. It puts a big smile on my face every time I hear it and I love it’s sentiment.

Mark: It would no doubt be something from the 80s. I’m going with the Dirty Dancing soundtrack!!

07. If you could rule the world what would be the first law to bring in? – Charlotte D.

Timmy: That everyone had to be kind together and smile at strangers.

08. Darren, have you thought about creating your own line of clothes one day since you’re very keen on modeling and like to give fashion tips? – Sabrina O.

Darren: I’d love to have my own fashion label one day. It is something I’m passionate about. I love the way you can express yourself through fashion.

09. Most asked question: Are you going to release a concert dvd someday?

Darren: We’d love to release a concert dvd unfortunately there are complications/restrictions involved that are out of our control. Hopefully one day we will be able to do it. We know our fans would love it and we would too.

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