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Gepostet am 31. August 2016 um 9:19 Uhr • Konzerte, TourKommentare deaktiviert für The Overtones geben extra „Christmas Tour“ Daten bekannt!!


The Overtones gaben so eben drei zusätzliche „Christmas Tour“ Daten bekannt!

30. November 2016 – Southend „Cliffs Pavilion“

6. Dezember 2016 – Brighton „Brighton Dome“

17. Dezember 2016 – London „Indigo at the O2“

Tickets sind ab Freitag, den 2. September um 11.00 Uhr deutscher Zeit bei „Gigs and Tours“ erhältlich.

Alle, die sich für den „Newsletter“ auf der The Overtones Webseite registriert haben, bekommen heute, am 31.08.2016, einen Vorverkaufslink per E-Mail zugesandt, mit dem man ab dem 1.September Tickets erwerben kann.

Gepostet am 5. Juli 2016 um 21:10 Uhr • Konzerte, TourKommentare deaktiviert für Heisse Neuigkeiten

Achtung Toner, das Konzert in Dunfermline (Schottland) im Alhambra Theatre wurde aus terminlichen Gründen abgesagt. Die Tickets können an den Vorverkaufsstellen zurückgegeben werden. Mehr Informationen gibt es hier auf der Facebook Seite von The Overtones.

Cover Tourphoto 2016

photo courtesy of  @the_overtones

Wir haben Neuigkeiten für euch!

The Overtones haben gerade ihre neue UK Weihnachtstour bekannt gegeben! Die letzte Weihnachtstour riss alle Fans vor Begeisterung von ihren Stühlen und auch diesmal wollen The Overtones euch durch die Reihen tanzen sehen… Ihr könnt euch auf bekannte englische Weihnachtsklassiker wie Let It Snow und Santa Claus is Coming to Town, sowie einer Auswahl aus den bisherigen Alben der 5 Jungs aus England freuen. Außerdem wird es noch ein paar Überraschungen geben!
Zieht eure schönsten Weihnachtspullover an, bringt eure Weihnachtsmannmützen mit und verliert euch in einer Nacht voll festlicher Stimmung bei einem der Christmas With The Overtones Konzerte.
Die Daten der Tour findet ihr untenstehend, Konzertkarten könnt ihr ab Freitag den 8. Juli hier erwerben:  Gigs and Tours
Abonniert noch heute den Newsletter um an die besten Plätze im exklusivem Vorverkauf zu kommen der am Mittwoch den 6. Juli um 11.00 Uhr deutscher Zeit startet. Hier geht es zur Registrierung:
The Overtones Website
Falls ihr den Newsletter schon abonniert habt, bekommt ihr die Email mit dem Vorverkaufslink automatisch zugeschickt.

23 November Dunfermline, Alhambra Theatre
24 November Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall
25 November Blackpool, Opera House
28 November Manchester, Bridgewater Hall
29 November Reading, The Hexagon
02 December Oxford, New Theatre
05 December Southampton, Guildhall
07 December Ipswich, Regent
09 December Sheffield, City Hall
10 December Birmingham, Symphony Hall
11 December Scunthorpe, Baths Hall
12 December Gateshead, Sage Theatre
14 December York, Barbican Theatre
15 December Bristol, Colston Hall
16 December London, indigo2 at The O2
19 December Guildford, G-Live
20 December Cambridge, Corn Exchange
21 December Liverpool, Philharmonic Hall
22 December Nottingham, Royal Concert Hall

Gepostet am 9. Mai 2016 um 20:50 Uhr • Exklusiv, Fanberichte, Fans, FotosKommentare deaktiviert für Meine The Overtones Geschichte

Meine The Overtones Geschichte

Vor einiger Zeit haben wir euch gebeten uns eure Geschichten zu schicken, wie ihr The Overtones entdeckt habt und was ihre Musik euch bedeutet.

Da wir von euch so ein enormes Feedback erhalten haben, hat es eine Weile gedauert alle Geschichten durchzuschauen!

Wir haben nur eine Geschichte ausgewählt, die wir mit euch in voller Länge teilen wollen. Dies bedeutet aber nicht, dass diese besser ist als die anderen, sie ist uns bloß besonders ins Auge gesprungen.

Unter dieser findet ihr Ausschnitte von weiteren Fan-Geschichten.

Wir hoffen ihr habt beim Lesen genauso viel Spaß wie wir!

My name is Mario. I’m currently 22 and I live in Des Moines Iowa in the US. The way I discovered The Overtones was actually about a month ago, I was searching for the song „Can’t take my eyes off you“ by Frankie Valli and I believe it was the 5th or 6th option on youtube.

I saw these 5 great looking guys all dressed up and i decided to give it a try, as soon as the song started i fell in love with theguys‘ charm, i immediately sent the link to a few of my co-workers, after that i started listening to more song from The Overtones. I listened to Pretty Woman, Super Star, Loving the sound, Say what i feel, Second last chance and many more.

I love the beat of all of the guys‘ songs and the guys‘ voices and style it’s like the complete package. I went into my google play store since i own an android device to buy the guys‘ albums but the only songs i found were a few Christmas songs, :( I actually went over my data limit since the only way for me to listen to your music was on youtube lol.

All of The Overtones‘ songs put me in a great mood and i listen to them every morning on my way to work and also when im at work. You could even ask my girlfriend everytime we go some place in the care you best believe The Overtones are playing lol I even re-activated my Twitter account to see what theguys are up to, it’d be a pleasure to meet the guys one day but they are so far away, :( but.. I’m glad i discovered the guys!

Keep doing what your doing because you are all GREAT!!!!!!

Mario P., USA

„My Dad and I fell in love with five extremely talented voices after seeing them live in 2011 in Bristol! The best part of the evening was standing outside the venue meeting people that I would now call close friends! It was funny because we all just clicked and then when the overtones joined us it just felt like a big group of friends!

From that day onwards my love of the overtones grew! And there are thousands more stories to tell but that could go on forever!!!

I am always extremely appreciative of the lads and all the lovely supportive fan base.“

Charlotte D., UK


My husband Mike bought me VIP tickets to the Overtones Christmas Party at G-Live in Guildford, Surrey, in the UK after I had made such a great progress recovering from the stroke I suffered in June 2014.

So once again, we flew all the way from the United States to see “the boys” and this turned out to be the best night of my life. Although I was mostly in a wheelchair, I was at a stage where I could stand for a couple of minutes; I had been practicing standing and walking as I wanted to meet the guys while standing up.

They will never know how much that meant. I love the guys (and my husband Mike doesn’t have a problem with that, as their music and kind spirits have helped me so much in my recovery)!

Quite simply, the Overtones are my heroes

Jean P. USA

Was bedeutet euch die Musik von The Overtones?

„Their music means the world to me it picks me up when I’m feeling down, makes me want to dance before a night out, makes my little boy giggle and dance, and makes me zone out into another world and get lost in the music and their amazing voices.

My love for each of the boys is deep in my heart and no matter what they do together or on their own that will never change. Each and everyday I listen to their music and it makes the world a brighter place and puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step, their tweets also get me giggling night and day.“

Kristy S., UK


„Ich ein großer Fan von den Jungs und ihnen auch gleichzeitig dankbar, den ihre Musik hat mir durch eine schwere Zeit geholfen und mir immer wieder neuen Mut gegeben. Dafür bin ich ihnen unendlich dankbar. Und da mir bis jetzt noch kein Album von ihnen nicht gefallen hat, bin ich mir sicher das ich noch lange Fan bleiben werde.“

Julia S., Deutschland


„What does their music mean to me well……

EMOTIONS I have felt them all loved, sang along smiled , cried and felt very thoughtful listening to the lovely set of music we have…I have never got bored of listening to the boys. There songs and harmonies mean that my ears can be blessed with the sweetest sound wether I’m having good or bad times xx I can lose myself in their music .

It has also opened up me to chatting to lots of fellow toners and I really hope to meet some one day.“

Bex R., UK


„The fellas are amazing, first saw them on this morning and through the they are the music and been to 2 of their concerts,and would love them to came back to London this year.their music makes you what to dance and sing along.then l saw them on in everything on TVs and I have brought all their cd’s and can’t wait for new music from them and more concerts.   They are the best group going and follow them on Twitter,Facebook.“

Rona W., UK


„Me and mum have been hooked ever since that night in October 2010 and for me not only is it the boys music voices and personalities it’s the fact I get to share it all with my mum my best friend we try and see the boys whenever we can sometimes my job gets in the way but wherever we go we always have such a fun fantastic time and we have made some lovely friends along the way.“

Hayley S., UK


„A Friend invited to my first The Overtones concert and I had the best night in a very long time.  I sang, I danced and went home buzzing.  Went out the very next day and bought Good ‚Ol Fashioned Love.  Googled them and became a Toner.  They were amazing, am so glad my friend won those tickets and introduced me to The Overtones.  I’ve been a fan ever since and been to every concert (except the first one) as a VIP.  Obviously I can’t wait for their next tour so I’m booked for a couple of one night gigs this year.  Roll on the Tour!!“

Halina S.,UK


‚The Overtones saved my music life.

For me the best thing about them is, unbelievably fantastic show! I believe nobody can’t help dropping their jaws !!

I also like each albums have totally different colours, but definitely the colour of TheOvertones!

I’m gonna enjoy every their performance from now on, even if it’s some genre I’ve never listened to. Really really love their style in everything!“

A Fan from Japan


„Without them I would not have so many wonderful memories, found so many great and close friends and I would not have added more great music to the sound track of my life.“


Deb W., UK


I saw them perform their version of Sh-Boom on Daybreak or Gmtv or whatever it was called at the time back in 2010 and thought it was superb! As soon as I received The Overtones “Good Ol’ Fashioned Love” album, I was instantly hooked! I’m so glad I watched tv on that day as since then I’ve had many truly wonderful experiences, met new people from all over the world and made new friends. I also conquered my fear of travelling alone! (Yes really lol) What an amazing 5 or so years it’s been!  And it’s all because of these 5 super talented boys and their incredible music.

Kate N., UK


I enjoy listening to all your albums I can’t really pick a favourite album they are all just fantastic  (can’t wait for Christmas time to bring out the Christmas album again).

I am so glad I picked up that album that day, I love your music and can’t wait for the next album I would love to see a dvd of a concert been released  and thank you for the lovely memories and fantastic music.

Liz B, UK

Zum Abschluss möchten wir noch einen kleinen Facebook Kommentar mit euch teilen, der uns zum Schmunzeln gebracht hat. ;)

How did you discover The Overtones?

Knew Darren since he was born.. I am his dad!

B. Everest

Ein großes Danke noch einmal an alle, die ihre Geschichte mit uns geteilt haben!

Euer The Overtones Germany Admin Team

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