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Gepostet am 16. August 2017 um 22:15 Uhr • EP, VideosKommentare deaktiviert für Happy Days EP – Behind The Songs

“Happy Days” EP

The Overtones share their thoughts about their brand new EP in “Behind the Song” videos.

“Happy Days” – Behind the Song

Mike Crawshaw’s “Happy Day”

Timmy Matley’s “Happy Day”

Lachie Chapman’s “Happy Day”

“Cheers” – Behind the Song

You can download The Overtones brand new EP “Happy Days” on iTunes and Amazon.

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Joseph Sinclair photo sparkly jackets

photo by @JosephSinclair

“Christmas with The Overtones”

The Boys are excited to be going back on tour in the UK in December, and hope to see as many of you there as possible!

You can find the dates below:

Tour pic 2017

Tickets will be available on Friday, August 4 at 10 am here: Gigs and Tours 

Gepostet am 28. Juli 2017 um 18:28 Uhr • EP, Fotos, VeröffentlichungenKommentare deaktiviert für The Overtones release their brand new EP: “Happy Days”!

Happy Days EP pic

The Overtones released a brand new EP today, on July 28th, 2017 through their own Record Label Gambling Man Records.


  1. Happy Days (“Happy Days” TV show theme tune)
  2. Maybe Tomorrow (“The Littlest Hobo” TV show theme tune)
  3. Cheers (“Cheers” TV show theme tune)
  4. Thank You For Being A Friend (“Golden Girls” TV show theme tune)

Available to download/stream worldwide here: iTunes, Amazon Spotify

Read a first fabulous EP review by Blogger @MyfizzyPop aka Paul Reynolds here:  MyFizzyPop Blog 

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Screenshot (64)

screenshot by The Overtones Germany 

Darren Everest, Mark Franks and Lachie Chapman got together at the “Strap and Scraper London” , a brand new Barbershop in Shoreditch owned by Papi Georgiou. They had their hair cut, started chatting about their favourite Fashion “Must Haves” and exchanged grooming tips.

What is Mark Franks and Lachie Chapmans favourite Overtones outfit?

What did the Boys dress like in the 90’s  ?

How long does it take them to get ready before a night out?

See for yourself:

Don’t forget to subscribe to The Overtones Youtube channel.

Gepostet am 13. April 2017 um 11:12 Uhr • Fotos, KonzerteKommentare deaktiviert für Platinum Celeb presents The Overtones in 2017

 The Overtones

Platinum Celeb Events proudly presents The Overtones again in 2017  in a couple of intimate gigs.

Here are the dates:

Sat 3rd June Crewe LyceumCrewe UK

Tickets for Crewe ( VIP £67.00 /standard £32.00) will be availaible at 5 pm on April 13th,2017 here:  Tickets 


Fri 28th July Preston Guild Hall, Preston UK 

Tickets for Preston (  VIP £  66.50/ standard £ 30.00 ) will be available at 10 am on April 13th,2017 here : Tickets


Sat 29th July Wyvern TheatreSwindon UK 

Tickets for Swindon ( VIP £67.00 /standard £34.50) are available at 10 am on April 13th,2017  here : Tickets 

Read our review of  last years The Overtones gig at the Crewe Lyceum if you would like to know what is in store for you:

The Overtones at the Crewe Lyceum

All information courtesy of Kevin Cooper, Platinum Celeb Events.


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