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Gepostet am 4. Juli 2013 um 21:34 Uhr • Exklusiv, InterviewKommentare deaktiviert für Vorab-Interview mit Michael Scott von Potters

Wie ihr wahrscheinlich wisst werden The Overtones am kommenden Sonntag dem 7. Juli im Potters Leisure Resort einen Auftritt im Rahmen des dortigen One Night Specials haben. Wir hatten vorab schonmal die Möglichkeit Michael Scott, dem Sales & Marketing Director des Resorts ein paar Fragen zu stellen. Dabei hat uns vorallem interessiert aus welchem Grund sie sich für The Overtones entschieden haben, welche anderen Bands schon dort aufgetreten sind und ob irgendwelche Momente besonders in Erinnerung geblieben sind. Hier könnt ihr das komplette Interview lesen:

What brought your attention to The Overtones?
We are always looking for quality acts at Potters Leisure Resort and have had some excellent one night specials in recent years. We researched current acts on the market and found the Overtones to be a very popular group that we believed would be very popular with our regular guests.

What other bands performed at Potters before?
Over the years we have had hundreds of stars on our Atlas Stage, from Ken Dodd, Frank Carson, Ronnie Corbett, Des O’Connor and Brian Conley, through to more recent stars such as Diversity, Spelbound, Olly Murs & Peter Andre.

Any special memories of previous gigs?
Many special memories over the years, the atmosphere when Diversity took to the stage was amazing, Billy Ocean also always makes me smile as he is just such a smooth performer. I also remember well Olly Murs as the day he performed was the same day he scored his first ever number one. He was an amazing act and one of the best nights in my time at Potters. We are very blessed at Potters with a 900 seat venue so whatever the act it is always an intimate atmosphere with some of the UK’s biggest acts. It’s unique and long may it stay that way !

Did you expect such a great turn out for this event?
I expected it to sell out as most of our events do but I didn’t expect it to sell out so quick and have such a long wait list. The turn out is amazing and so lovely to see such a passionate group of fans.

Did fans of other showacts get involved as much as the “Toners” did (facebook, twitter etc.)?
I have definitely learnt that The Overtones have a unique fanbase and I can only think of Joe McElderry having such a force of support and such interest in social media. It is nice to see fans engaging on Facebook and Twitter and enjoying the experience before it has even begun.

What other activities do you offer at Potters year round?
Potters is a five star leisure resort and we have hundreds of activities for our resident guests to enjoy. As well as our fantastic evening shows the fun really does start at 9am and goes all the way through to our midnight buffet. Potters is unique, it is a family owned and family orientated holiday resort where we work very hard to make every guest feel like part of the family and return with their friends and family.

Website des Potters Leisure Resorts

Einen ausführlichen Bericht des Events findet ihr ab nächster Woche hier auf unserer Website.

Many thanks to Michael Scott for taking the time to answer these questions for us!

Gepostet am 5. Juni 2013 um 23:11 Uhr • Charity, Mike CrawshawKommentare deaktiviert für Spendenaufruf

Mike hat gerade auf Twitter einen Spendenaufruf gestartet:

A close family friend, young Issy, has a very rare Pituitary condition. On Sunday I’m zip lining for the Pituitary Foundation. I’m a latecomer so I’d be so grateful if you could donate anything no matter how small via! If you could sponsor Garry Park, Issy’s grandad, the money will go straight to this amazing cause. Thanks so much guys! Mike x x

Ihr habt auch die Möglichkeit in Euro zu spenden. Jedes bisschen zählt!! Danke!

~ Antje, Claudia & Melli

Gepostet am 30. Mai 2013 um 17:45 Uhr • Darren EverestKommentare deaktiviert für Happy Birthday Darren!

Happy Birthday from The Overtones Germany to our favourite sneaker addict! May you party till sunrise, Darren!

~ Antje, Claudia & Melli

Gepostet am 9. Mai 2013 um 20:34 Uhr • Mark FranksKommentare deaktiviert für Happy Birthday Mark!

Happy Birthday from The Overtones Germany to our favourite Mancunian! May you always return to us from the future, Mark!

~ Antje, Claudia & Melli

Gepostet am 30. März 2013 um 23:37 Uhr • WebsiteKommentare deaktiviert für Frohe Ostern

Das Team von wünscht euch Frohe Osterfeiertage!

~ Antje, Claudia & Melli

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